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5Global e-commerce sales are increasing year by year and protecting customers is essential for organizations that deal in online transactions. InnoTec´s Fraud Prevention & Response services provides you the intelligence and technology needed to detect and prevent online fraud.

aspa On-line fraud threats: phishing, spearphishing, pharming, malware, fraudulent mails and customer credential markets

aspa Automatic and proactive detection, analysis and management of closures

aspa On-demand analysis of targeted and complex malware

aspa Reports on trends and fraud intelligence

What make us different?

Proprietary technology. We work with tools fully developed by our R&D area that help us to provide the security services that your organization requires when the existing products in the market are not able to match your needs. Our in-house developments include malware analysis tools, platforms for investigation in mobile environments, credential injection systems, referer tracking tools, etc.

  • PHISING DB: Database that integrates official and no official information sources about malware attacks and lets you to detect domains that can be involved in online fraud.

Highly qualified professionals with expertise in Cyber-security. Our services and solutions are delivered by experts in all areas involved in online fraud (detection, response and management) which are authors of journal articles and books on cyber-security and take part in the most important conferences such as: BlackHat or Rooted.

Partnerships with major manufactures. We work with major cyber-security developers such as McAfee o Kaspersky to exchange information and cooperate in the investigation of some specific cases.

How we deliver our services

Service governance. In all the countries that we operates we set a management structure based on multiple professional roles. Country managers of each region define and adapt our cyber-security services to the local needs and culture.

24/7 management. We make sure that our services are provided by professionals with the skills and knowledge to response to any incident, using the most advanced tools.

Support and maintenance of security tools. Based on an ITIL best practices model, our development team provides support and helps with the maintenance of the tools built for delivering our services.

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