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Red Team. Advanced Intrusion Services

Test your defense capabilities

With the Red Team service we put ourselves in the attacker's shoes in order to identify the vulnerabilities that can be used to compromise your Organization's assets.

Our team of experts simulates real attacks based on your organization's maturity level and without neglecting any of the vulnerable domains: digital, physical and human..

Current needs

aspa Organizations are unaware of their actual exposure risk to the full range of possible attacks.

aspa Current security checks are not as effective as they should be.

aspa Companies aren't aware of the real detection level of their defense team.



Service Differentiation

Identification of the comprehensive and real security level of the organization
Advanced Threat Security Team (APT) Training
Continuous and integrated improvement in digital, physical and human security
Identification of access vectors and critical vulnerabilities
Out-of-the-box thinking to access critical assets and sensitive information

Main Customer Benefits

aspa Continuous security assessment against the complete range of possible attacks.

aspa Improves your defense team's incident response capabilities.

aspa Identify vulnerabilities before they can be exploited by attackers.

aspa The internal security team is in a constant state of alert.

aspa Verification of proper performance of all Company's systems and processes.

Readiness and defence against targeted attacks and real threats



By applying the techniques, tactics and intrusion procedures (TTPs) commonly used by attackers, we can design a combination of attack vector and scenarios, to assess the actual impact of a targeted attack and test the defense team's detection and response capabilities.

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