Integral Metadata Treatment System

Manage and edit metadata from office files and documents

The metadata in a document can reveal as its content. They are often the source of sensitive information leaks, revealing patterns, relationships, behaviours and vulnerabilities of our organization.

MIST the InnoTec´s tool designed to:

aspa Maintain the confidentiality and privacy of office files and documents

aspa Avoid sensitive information leaks

aspa Prevent the risk threats of hidden data


aspa Proxy MIST: transparent for the user

aspa Web MIST: on-demand cleaning


aspa Comprehensive metadata management

aspa Processing of images, audio, video, CAD, Office DOCS

aspa Effective: metadata are completely deleted

aspa Compliant with ENS

aspa Transparent: it doesn´t impact on daily work

aspa Traceability

aspa Compatibility with several types of server

aspa User and role management

Main benefits for our clients

aspa Avoid sensitive information leaks, the most important asset in an organization

aspa Sensitive information in office files is fully under control

aspa Transparent, effective and easy to use

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About us

InnoTec was founded in 2012. Specialized in cybersecurity, intelligence and risk management, we employ worldwide over 350 highly qualified professionals. Based in Spain, we have offices in the US and the main Latam markets.

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