2With the increasingly adoption of networks and systems in business environments, ensuring security against threats and detecting new vulnerabilities are becoming top priorities for most companies. Our services have been designed to protect integrity and usability of networks and systems and assure the identity of the individuals that access company resources.

aspa Design, deployment, administration and support of secure networks and systems protection solutions.

aspa Product assessment and benchmarking

aspa Security architecture and technical advice on security platforms (concerning perimeter, endpoints, databases and/or systems)

aspa Identity and Access Management (IAM)

aspa Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

aspa Mobile Device Management (MDM)

aspa Information Rights Management (IRM)

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28034 Madrid
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Tecnoincubadora Marie Curie
Calle Leonardo da Vinci, 18
41092 Seville
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About us

InnoTec was founded in 2012. Specialized in cybersecurity, intelligence and risk management, we employ worldwide over 350 highly qualified professionals. Based in Spain, we have offices in the US and the main Latam markets.

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