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Innotec Security, Part of Accenture, helps to adapt the electric vehicle charging points to regulatory standards


Innotec Security, Part of Accenture as an Amazon Web Services (AWS) partner, provides security services and solutions to a number of customers, including the current manufacturer of electric vehicle charging points. For more than a year, our company has provided a managed and administered service, using AWS tools and our own professional services. This has allowed us to develop a tailor-made solution for the client, specifically designed to comply with the regulations and standards in force in the market, adapted to their particular needs.

The challenge: bringing the work up to industry standards

This electric vehicle charging point provider was looking for a partner to provide a service that would allow it to bring its work in line with industry regulations and standards.

Specifically, the organisation was faced with the task of authenticating the charging points against its infrastructure using digital certificates, in accordance with the recent OCPPV2 and ISO15118 standards. OCPPV2 refers to the communication protocol of the charging points, while ISO15118 sets the communication standard between the vehicles and the charging network. The electric vehicle charging services company required to establish a public key infrastructure (PKI) for the issuance and validation of these digital certificates. A PKI solution was sought that was quick to implement, scalable and minimised the administrative burden.

If it had not faced this challenge, the client would have been in breach of regulations, which would have excluded it from the market. In addition, it would have been forced to make a significant investment, which would have been difficult to afford given the small size of the company.

The client in this success story is an electric vehicle charging technology and services organisation.

Specifically, this company is responsible for the manufacture of charging points for electric cars at petrol stations.

The solution: a PKI of our own

Innotec Security has responded to this client's need by offering a PKI service managed and administered by the cybersecurity company it currently maintains. Specifically, this organisation deployed the public key infrastructure on AWS. Since then, it has been administering, managing, issuing certificates on demand and providing all the necessary support for regulatory compliance.

This service has proved beneficial to the client, as the commercial software commonly used in this PKI tends to be considerably expensive. As the client is a small organisation, they needed an alternative that was more in line with their costs and offered a more agile solution, such as the proposal provided by Innotec Security.

Innotec Security has opted for the AWS Certificate Manager Private CA service to support the customer, enabling the configuration of a PKI that meets all regulatory requirements. Following the implementation of this PKI, the cybersecurity company has managed all client requests, such as changes, adaptations to new versions of the standard (if any), integration with the aforementioned PKI and generation of new certificates for signing, among other tasks.

The result: cost reduction and agility.

After more than a year of using the managed security services of Innotec Security, the client company has experienced multiple benefits. Among them, it has been able to meet its need for a PKI that complies with the regulations mentioned in this success story, all with the added benefit of significantly lower associated costs compared to purchasing specific software. This efficiency has been made possible thanks to the service provided by AWS Certificate Manager Private CA.

On the other hand, it is important to highlight the advantage of the Innotec Security, Part of Accenture proposal compared to the standard commercial solution, which is presented as a closed option by the manufacturer. The Innotec Security, Part of Accenture offering provides flexibility by allowing requests for adjustments and adaptations as standards and future needs evolve. It also ensures the necessary agility to implement changes efficiently.

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