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Innotec Security, Part of Accenture, manages the end-to-end cybersecurity of an energy sector operator


Innotec Security, Part of Accenture, as an Amazon Web Services (AWS) partner, provides security services to a number of clients, including the current energy sector operator that has its infrastructure hosted in the AWS cloud. For the past year, the company has been providing comprehensive security services management, including 24/7 incident monitoring and response, a Threat Detection and Response (EDR) system to ensure the security of end devices, a platform designed to promote security awareness among staff, and the availability of a Chief Information Security Officer (CISO as a service) as a part-time service.

The challenge: 360º cybersecurity

The client, whose infrastructure is deployed in the AWS cloud, was looking for a partner that could provide a complete cyber security solution. It needed a service that would address the most critical aspects of its organisation's security, freeing it from worrying about a lack of specialist staff in the area.

The organisation intended to address three specific areas. First, it sought to secure the AWS cloud. Secondly, it wanted to ensure the security of its employees' workstations. Finally, it wanted to promote cybersecurity awareness within the corporate environment.

Had it not met this challenge, the client would have remained vulnerable to threats and would not have implemented adequate risk management. It would have been among those companies that neglect to invest in cybersecurity, fail to anticipate threats and, as a result, not only become targets of cyber-attacks, but also become their main victims.

In this success story, the client is an operator with an international presence in the energy sector, with one of its headquarters in Spain.

This company provides services to both individuals and companies, offering self-consumption solutions and a network of energy from renewable sources.

The solution: SOC services, EDR and CISO as a service

Innotec Security, has responded to the needs of a client in the energy sector by providing a comprehensive 24/7 incident monitoring, management and response service. This service is offered through the company's SmartSOC, which specialises in client-specific risk management in the AWS cloud, where the client's entire infrastructure is deployed. The solution is based on tools in two main categories: Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) and Cloud Workload Protection Platform (CWPP). The first category provides detailed information on the inventory of cloud assets, vulnerabilities associated with those assets and their compliance status with respect to regulations and best practices. On the other hand, the second category analyses the behaviours of workloads and administrators in the cloud, detecting possible patterns indicative of a cyber-attack.

On the other hand, Innotec Security, Part of Accenture has provided the client with an EDR solution to safeguard their endpoints, enabling effective monitoring, detection and response to potential attacks on their employees' devices. In addition, a comprehensive solution was provided to guarantee the secure exchange of documents, ensuring the confidentiality of information. This solution allows the organisation to securely access documents, share them with third parties through encryption and monitor access, among other key functions.

Innotec Security's SmartSOC service incorporates these solutions in a comprehensive manner, providing a complete view of the customer's security status 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Meanwhile, in order to promote awareness among staff, Innotec Security has implemented The Firewall Mindset platform, a proprietary tool designed for this purpose using innovative and entertaining elements such as storytelling and gamification.

All these services, along with other actions, are being coordinated by a CISO as a service (Chief Information Security Officer) of the security company, since the client lacks a specialised profile in this area. This professional, belonging to Innotec Security, Part of Accenture, is available on a part-time basis and has the specific knowledge of an information security officer. His main function is to coordinate the three aforementioned services, in addition to carrying out other tasks typical of a CISO, such as the preparation and execution of a security plan, risk assessment, among others.

The result: integrated security management

After a year of using the managed security services provided by Innotec Security, Part of Accenture, the energy company now has solid support in the management of cybersecurity services from the most critical perspectives. In addition, it has a key figure: the information security manager, who ensures continuous monitoring of the client's situation and comprehensive protection of its assets.

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